Who We Are

FoharMalai is a Startup Based on Waste managemnet & integrated environmental solutions in Nepal. We have invested in developing waste solutions for a changing world. Today, this includes not just disposal and recycling, but personal counseling to help customers achieve their green goals, including zero waste.

We recover the energy from the waste, called WTE(waste to energy).With the sensor based network of recycling facilities,our entire business can adapt to meet the needs of every distinct customer segment.

As Startup, our motto is to maximize resource value while minimizing impact in order to further both economic and environmental sustainability for all human.

Mission,Vision &Values

"From everyday collection, to environmental protection, think green. Think Waste Management."

Management, Treatment and Reuse of wastes, including:

  • Municipal and industrial/Commercial solid wastes
  • Electronic wastes
  • Agricultural wastes
  • Pollution prevention, waste minimization, recycle & reuse

To reduce the amount of waste by promoting individual and corporate responsibility. To recover waste for its highest and best use while balancing rates and services. To transform our business from burying waste to utilizing waste as a resource. To eliminate the need for landfills.

We make it our purpose to capture the possibilities and vanquish the challenges in order to deliver environmental peace of mind for our customers and, therefore, for everyone else. Our corporate values of collaboration, diversity, innovation, integrity,passion and quality ensure that we achieve this.

  • Collaboration – because there is no single answer to the problem of waste.
  • Diversity - We believe our diversity is key to our success. Our team boasts a mix of skill, style, gender, race and age ensuring that we are able to deliver the best possible solution to our customers.
  • Innovation – because there is always a better way.
  • Integrity – for its own sake and because lives and the planet are at stake.
  • Passion – because a clean environment is such a basic human right. And, as innovators, we thrive on the cutting edge.
  • Quality – because lives depend on it and society deserves it.

FoharMalai offers peace of mind.

Our reliable services protect the environment while allowing your home or business to run like clockwork.

distributed waste management ecosystem is about each city managing and processing their waste in their locality and not sending it all to a centralised land fill.

we believe that when waste is managed at source, it becomes a resource.

Waste Management Problem & Solution

FoharMalai is on a goal to maximize resource value, while minimizing - and even eliminating - environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive.


Waste Categorization
  • Waste sorting is the process by which waste is separated into different elements. Waste sorting can occur manually at the household and collected through curbside collection schemes, or automatically separated in materials recovery facilities or mechanical biological treatment systems. Hand sorting was the first method used in the history of waste sorting.


Sensor Based waste collection
  • FoharMalai will implement waste segregation at source in SBAGS to eliminate this problem.Sensor-based waste management ecosystem majorly comprising of industries and domestic households. Creation of such a network will enable deployment of an extensive infrastructure which will provide the necessary impetus for proper waste management.


Waste is Global problem
  • Waste is a huge and growing problem. The world’s people produce an astonishing 3.6 million tonnes of municipal solid waste each day. By 2025, that’s projected to rise to 6.1 million metric tonnes per day. While it’s generally contained in highly developed countries, it’s generally out of control in the rest of the world, adversely affecting health and contaminating our air, landscape, fresh water and oceans.


Rewarded for proper waste management
  • FoharMalai strives to implement a monetary incentivizing mechanism where people are rewarded for proper waste management. This will over a period of time inculcate the habit of proper waste management amongst all. Apart from contributing for the betterment of the surrounding, this platform with the help of multiple advanced technologies makes the waste processing extremely profitable for the waste management industries, thus catalyzing widespread adoption and network growth.


Lack of waste Sepration Habit
  • Each of us throws away waste every day, and in the scales of one city it's hundreds of tons of garbage a day. To sort so much waste is difficult. Therefore, the number of landfills grows, and for a big city it turns into a big problem, and sometimes into an ecological catastrophe.


Awareness program about waste sepration
  • The best way to encourage people to properly manage their wastes will be to incentivize them monetarily for proper waste disposal and raise their awareness about the issue. This is the core of the proposed solution FoharMalai offers.


Plastic Waste
  • Lots of Plastics Around 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the oceans every year which is equivalent to five grocery bags of plastic trash for every foot of coastline around the globe. Only 9 percent has been recycled. The vast majority - 79 percent - is accumulating in landfills or sloughing off in the natural environment as litter and at a point, much of it ends up in the oceans, the final sink.


Promote SBAG & Reuse plastic Waste
  • Around 79 percent of the plastic in the ocean is suspected to come from activities and industry on land. Increased funds for clean-up. To solve the plastic problem, we must ensure that action and clean-up operations are undertaken in areas where the problem is the greatest.

Waste types

Solid wastes
Biodegradable Waste:
Agricultural waste
Solid wastewastes in solid forms, domestic, commercial and industrial wastes
Examples: plastics, styrofoam containers, bottles, cans, papers, scrap iron, and other trash
Non-biodegradable waste can be degraded (paper, wood, fruits and others)
Examplegrocery bags, plastic bags, water bottles,Metals, metal cans, tins, metal scraps,rubber tires, man-made fibers like nylon etc.
e-wasteElectronic wastes generated from any modern establishments. They may be described as discarded electrical or electronic devices.
Example TVs, computer monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, cables, circuit boards, lamps, clocks, flashlight, calculators, phones, answering machines, digital/video cameras, radios, VCRs, DVD players, MP3 and CD players.
Agricultural wasteAgricultural waste is waste produced as a result of various agricultural operations.
ExampleIt includes manure and other wastes from farms, poultry houses and slaughterhouses; harvest waste; fertilizer run- off from fields; pesticides that enter into water, air or soils; and salt and silt drained from fields.

Waste Market

  • 60%Solid Waste
  • 8%Plastic Waste
  • 15%Glass waste
  • 4%Paper Waste
  • 7%Medical waste
  • 6%Industrial Waste
  • 40%Black Gold
  • 12%Gas energy
  • 20%plastic roads
  • 10%WTE& Recycled
  • 18%Others

Technology & Services We provide

ForharMalai is on a mission to maximize resource value, while minimizing - and even eliminating - environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive.

Rewards on &Proper waste Sepration .

Scheduled Waste Pickup using web and android app & people are rewarded for proper waste management. This will over a period of time inculcate the habit of proper waste management amongst all. Apart from contributing for the betterment of the surrounding.

Digital Dustbin

Dustbin are palced in the crowded state of city like Darbar marg,Bhaktapur Darwar area,Singha Darwar,Thamel etc. Digital dustbin contain inbuilt digital display board where we can easily run advertisement

Sensor Based SBAG

We provide unique id to our customer for tracking waste status.This will also help us for waste sepration problem

Safe & Secure for tracking waste

The foharmalai android app is also used for tracking waste transportation vechile, consisting of GPS and ignition interlock, assists transportation companies to deploy a zero cargo loss and driver safety strategy.


Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of Waste management,waste catogories, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

IOT based waste management system is a system that gives prior information of the staus of the bin to us so that we can pickup the bin on time and safeguard the environment.In traditional waste collection, garbage trucks have to visit every single container in their routes not knowing if they are full or not. This costs extra time, energy, money and causes carbon emission. With IoT in waste collection, waste collection processes are optimized and better managed. Wireless sensors attached to bins can measure fill rates and temperatures of containers and can transmit location information to the management.we can integrate technology, connectivity and communication to share data that can help several waste management processes such as a smart bin or recycling bin could be outfitted with a sensor that can detect bin fill level, fire, temperature, etc. The data generated in this automated process can transmit information in real time to a control center to guide the driver on routes to take, collection points, bins to uplift, estimated time for collection, and provide analytical information on this process to determine the cost of waste collection per kilometer.

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Waste Management's bulk item pickup service covers items that are just too big to fit in your household curbside collection car

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